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To improve workflows ranging from simple to complex, aycan store (PACS) system offers a flexible, high-performance DICOM distribution and archiving system for use in environments like teleradiology service companies, imaging centres and hospitals in countries like UK, Kuwait, Egypt, and India. There are two ways of accessing the aycan store system, one is by directly on-site and second is through our off-site data centre.

The hardware of the aycan store is specifically developed keeping WORM storage in mind. The animation on the right side explains the scalability and solutions provided by our aycan store.


A customized solution is provided by aycan where our consulting team meets with you and decide according to the requirements of your present or future RIS and IT/PACS workflow and environment.

The aycan store was designed to remain constant in every environment. Integration with RIS system and other patient management systems is seamless with the store. Reliable legacy data migration is made possible with the import module and it is compatible with most 3rd party vendors because of its open architecture. Since the store has compatibility with most radiology standards, integration with all your DICOM nodes and your current environment is as seamless as possible. A vendor-neutral DICOM format ensures that all control remains in your hands. 

The unique features of the aycan Store enable productivity to be improved while keeping the security intact. One such feature is Auto-Routing which streamlines the workflow by automating the DICOM data transfer to any location desired. We ensure the security of your data traffic by using industry-standard VPN encryption methods. If you would like to safely back up the data for any emergency and different applications, we provide optional off-site data storage.

Methodically planned preparations for installation from aycan team before coming to the site will ensure a timely and smooth installation.

aycan teams understand the need for a system which can grow with the needs of consumer’s data. So, it doesn’t matter how much your data exponentially grows, aycan store’s RAID system is engineered for scalability and performance. This removes the requirement to migrate the data every time an expansion is due. A stable end-to-end connection is maintained throughout with the use of JPEG-lossless compression.

Standard Features and Options to Streamline Your Workflow

Either you require PACS solutions for current needs or future needs, modular aycan store is well-equipped to serve. To help you streamline your workflow, various options can be added in addition to DICOM archiving.

Incoming study images can be effortlessly transferred to any point within the network using aycan’s nifty auto-routing engine. Based on the content of DICOM tags, it can be configured down to the image level. Custom rules can be applied so that it can be automatically done during specific times of the day or night.    

For better utilization of your hardware, our virtual archives (optional) can be used to segment your server. This helps in segregating data from various groups and keep it efficiently on one server.

Things like which radiologist is managing what can be simplified using virtual archives where specific roles can be assigned to each radiologist. Only the required information is made available in their Q/R window so it helps in reducing time and confusion.

The unique features of the acan Store enable productivity to be improved while keeping the security intact. One such feature is Auto-Routing which streamlines the workflow by automating the DICOM data transfer to any location desired. We ensure the security of your data traffic by using industry-standard VPN encryption methods. If you would like to safely back up the data for any emergency and different applications, we provide optional off-site data storage.

aycan store (PACS) with the Pre-Fetching (option), it allows for search in the archive of studies and prior studies along with the newly arrived studies.

To deliver a method to allow DICOM Query/Retrieve capability for specific users, aycan Store provides a Query/Retrieve Filter (option). Also, this will be done without giving them access to the full archive. It makes for a perfect creation of site views or departmental views of the archive.  It can be utilized to bound the third-party radiologists giving vacation coverage.

Your time won’t be wasted finding the misspelt patient names within the PACS system. aycan Store’s Patient Information Reconciliation (PIR) function (option) helps to keep the data current and consistent within the PACS and RIS system by IHE scenario. All the essential changes to patient data with the RIS are carried over automatically by the PACS system.

Migrating your DICOM data stored on old MO, optical or legacy magnetic media to a PACS server before they become inaccessible and unreadable is easy with aycan Data Migration Services (option).

Use your storage space and network bandwidth efficiently by storing and transferring your DICOM data with lossless compression (option). Should one of the devices you use not be able to handle compressed data, aycan store automatically switch to an ‘uncompressed” mode and transfer the data without compression. With lossless compression, you will be able to archive double the amount of image data without having to upgrade your hardware.

Store and transfer your DICOM data with lossless compression (option) for a properly managed network bandwidth and available storage space. In the case compressed data is unable to be handled by one of your devices, the uncompressed mode will be enabled automatically by aycan store and the data will be transferred without any compression. Without upgrading your hardware, lossless compression allows you to archive the double the amount of image data.

Metadata Editor (option) allows you to correct the erroneous patient data such as a typo in the PACS system. Diagnostic workstations can be updated easily with sent changes.

aycan Store’s Modality Worklist Module (option) will assist you in removing patient detail typos. Any type of patient scheduling, HIS or RIS system’s data can be fed to aycan store. It will provide you with auto-populated patient demographics to your modalities.

You can accomplish many things in regards to DICOM tags with aycan store. DICOM tag values can be copied to other tags. Site code can be prefixed to specific sending sites. CD imports can be assigned special identifiers. Automatic DICOM Header Modification (option) present in the aycan store can modify DICOM metadata automatically based on pre-set rules.    

There is no guarantee that your data will remain intact in future. aycan store’s WORM (write once, read many) storage options offers a better way to store the data.

aycan web provided along as a standard with aycan store is an efficient non-diagnostic web tool. It enables distribution of medical images easy, to refer colleague and physicians.

RIS/HIS Integration

aycan store removes the need for radiology departments to get new PACS every time there is a change in volume needs or standards or when a Radiology Information Systems (RIS)/Hospital Information System (HIS) is acquired. It enables easy migration due to its vendor neutrality and integrates with any type of HIS and RIS. Also, current and future needs (like volume needs and DICOM) can be easily met due to the upgradable nature of aycan store.

Get an Already Integrated RIS/PACS – Aycan Workflow

aycan workflow is a consistent, turnkey, efficient costing, end-to-end digital patient management and imaging system.

Key Applications

aycan store is capable of improving workflows in any environment like hospitals, imaging centres and Teleradiology service companies

Deconstructed PACS


15+ years of designing, integrating and service allows aycan to serve as a vital component in Deconstructed PACS and achieving cost efficiency and improved performance as per customer requirements. It provides suitable workflows as well as an efficient web-based 3D DICOM (medical images) viewer and archiver.

Key Benefits

  • Workflows are restructured to improve productivity without affecting the security
  • Implementation of current and future needs with scalability
  • Comfortable integration with Vendor Neutrality
  • Certified with FDA
  • Proper and Instant Live Support

Key Features

  • Auto-Routing
  • Back-up Module
  • Compression
  • Data Migration
  • IHE Patient Information Reconciliation
  • IHE Scheduled Workflow

Switching to aycan store is Easy

  • 10+ Years extensive Data Migration & PACS
  • Integration Planning is well-detailed
  • On-site integration is painless and fast
  • Easy resolutions of problems by efficient communication with vendors
  • Call today for a free consultation


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