Aycan Thin Client is a type of computer that uses the central server’s resources without requiring the
hard-drive usage. Most sensitive data, memory and applications are stored in a server-based
environment of computing which can be remotely connected by these thin clients. Thin-client offers
the web-based functionality which allows users to access the archive anywhere over the internet via
the server which acts like a website. Medical images, videos, and signals can be competently viewed
with the thin-client server setup configuration over multiple types of devices as well as multiple
monitor’s set up for a computer. It doesn’t require client-side installation and it can run on HTML5
browsers present universally on any operating system on devices ranging from Windows, Linux,
smartphones etc. The thin client technology present in web-based archive software allows for
viewing medical images and patient records from anywhere using an internet connection and a

Importance of such Thin-Client DICOM Viewers

A universal medical thin-client image viewer is turning into a need in today’s healthcare environment
with its accentuation on data sharing and abundance of various mobile devices utilized in
healthcare. A wide scope of all-inclusive universal viewers is accessible with essentially various
capacities, from basically giving access to non-diagnostic access to pictures past a PACS to highly
sophisticated support for demonstrative quality survey with a full scope of picture control devices
and the capacity to transmit information records progressively. A medical institution ought to
thoroughly survey it’s imaging needs past the radiology division and the venture to figure out what
highlights and functionalities it needs in an all universal viewer today and within a reasonable time-
frame. It ought to likewise cautiously look at the capacities of a full range of such viewers to discover
the innovation that meets its particular needs.