Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) is an open image format adopted
internationally for showcasing, transmitting, storing, handling and printing information present in
medical images. These medical images obtained via procedures like X-Rays, CT scans etc. are utilized
by medical institutions and hospitals for diagnosing and analysis of the various type of diseases and

Meddream offers a load of extensive features as a Aycan DICOM viewer for the users looking for a
comprehensive solution for inspecting medical images. With an easy to use interface, it is considered
as one of the most approachable medical viewer available in the market by users as well as doctors
alike. Even with the ample amount of features and functionality, the user-friendly interface makes it
good for any type of user. It comes with a manual to help beginners.

It also features a robust integration with Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) in
places like research centres, clinics and hospitals which enables researchers, radiologists,
pathologists, and doctors to view medical images, thoroughly analyse and consult others in their
respective work institutions. You can achieve a highly-efficient and complete image examination
with this Meddream Web DICOM viewer and can access it remotely on tablet or mobile as well. Not
only the 2D imagery, but it also has the option to view the medical imagery with reconstruction in
3D models for better examination.

It also gains extra capabilities as a potent DICOM workstation. It supports a multi-modality as well as
a multi-manufacturer environment so that every user can work efficiently. From radiologists to
specialists, it can help anyone who requires extensive viewing capabilities for analysing medical
images for everyday usage.